How To Deactivate Facebook Timestamp

Over the past 10 years, Facebook has grown to become one of biggest time consumers in the modern world.

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A typical Facebook user typically does one or more of the following:

  • Publishes a post
  • Shares a post
  • Likes or reacts to a post
  • Comments on a post
  • Chats with a “friend”
  • Clicks on a link he or she finds interesting
  • Visits a page or profile
  • Watches a video
  • Plays a game

Others use Facebook as a source of income.

They don’t usually have the luxury to chat with friends, and so forth. This attitude usually prompts them to turn the chat button off.

However, Facebook found a way to try to screw them, and that is with the timestamp.

I noticed that even though I switched of my chat on desktop and messenger, the timestamp still shows the time I last logged in.

Usually, it shows this as 1 minute, which is an absolute bummer!

Facebook Timestamp

However, I found a fix to solve this problem, and I’m going to show you.

How to deactivate Facebook timestamp

Step: 1: Download adblock plus


You can also use any ad blocker that allows you to add your own filter.

I used adblock plus for this tutorial.

Download adblock plus step 2 image

Step 2: Click on options

Deactivate Facebook timestamp step 3 image


Step 3): Click on “Add your own filters”.

Deactivate Facebook timestamp step 4 image


Step 4): Add “https://*-edge-chat.facebook”

Deactivate Facebook timestamp step 5 image



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