45 Free Online Tools To Create Amazing Visuals/Graphics

Many studies have shown content with relevant visuals get more engagement (shares, comments and clicks) and a favourable Search Engine Ranking than content without them.  So whether you want to create beautiful graphics for social media, or your blog posts, these free online tools would help you in an amazing way.

They don’t come with any water mark, so you don’t have to worry about an annoying image/text preventing your design from looking professional.

stunning image

Image editors

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is Adobe Photoshop for newbies and advanced users.

It’s both a web app and a mobile app available for Andriod and iOS.

It allows you to upload your own image, and add effects, layers, filters, text and more.

pixlr image

2. Befunky

This free tool boosts a ton of awesome features, including frames, effects, graphics, and textures that can bring your photos to life. Whether you’re a professional designer or just getting started, this tool can help you.

3. PicMonkey

This allows you to edit your images online by adding text, graphics, colours, etc. PicMonkey also offers premium features such as hair colour change for a 7-day free trial.

Presentation/design tools (logo, infographic, font, template, colour-picker, and demo-creation)

4. Pablo

The Buffer team created this free online image creation tool, which enables you to create social media-friendly images on the go.

It gives you access to  over 600,000 searchable images which all come in a variety of sizes for different social media platforms, and over 25 stylish fonts.

Pablo also allows you to share your image to various social media platforms or download the graphic.

It also comes with a browser extension that allows you to use any image or quote you see on the web in your project.

5. Canva

Canva is a drag-and-drop tool for creating infographics, posters, presentations, logos, etc, for your campaign or project.

It allows you to create an image with custom dimensions and to export it in different formats (png, pdf, etc).

I’ve used Canva dozens of times and it’s just lovely.

canva image

6. Designbold

Designbold allows you to easily edit your photos using preset filters, or advanced photo editing tools.

I find Designbold’s templates more creative unlike Canva, which I found simpler. So Designbold would be best used to design magazine covers or posters.

7. Awesome Screenshot

This browser extension (for FireFox and Chrome) allows you to easily screenshot anything on the web and edit it directly within your browser.

Other screen recording extension includes:

8. Screencastify (Chrome)

9. Easel.ly

This tool allows you to create infographics, which enable you to convey complex information in a simpler manner.

10. HubSpot’s 15 Infographic Templates

Hubspot has created over 10 free templates to use in your visual content. These templates are meant to give you an inspiration and foundation to build your own infographics right in PowerPoint or Illustrator.

11. Google chart tool

This is a tool created by Google and allows you to create a gallery of infographics.

It also offers an extensive set of options that match the look and feel of your site.

google chart image

12. Presentation magazine

This online directory comes with over 62,000 free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can use in your project.

13. HubSpot’s 50 Customizable CTA Templates

Redesigning your CTA (Call-To-Action) button can double your click-through rates, and increase your leads. Hubspot has built 50 free pre-designed call-to-action templates that can be an inspiration or foundation for creating yours.

14. PlaceIt

This tool allows creating iPhone mockups and demoing videos for your project by simply uploading them directly into creative commons-enabled stock photo templates.

15. Invisionapp

Allows you to turn your ideas to a possibility by transforming your static screens into clickable interactive prototypes. As a free member, you’d be limited to 1 prototype.

16. LogoGarden

This is a great tool for creating logos. It is a great option for newbies eager to create professional logos.

17. TypeGenius

This tool is powered by Canva and allows you to find a perfect font combination for your next project. It provides real examples of font combinations being used on other websites to give you and idea of how it will look.

18. Google Fonts

Google Fonts allows you to add a font to your site in seconds or download it to use later.

One of the best things about Google Fonts is it’s open source, meaning, users can customise, improve, and share them.

19. WhatFont

Have you ever come across a particular font that gains your interest and you wonder what the name of the font is? WhatFont can help you as it allows you to quickly identify the name of the fonts used in any web page in one click.

It’s available for download as a bookmarklet, or browser extension.

20. Tiff

Tiff is an online tool that visually shows you the difference between two fonts. It supports fonts from the Google Web Fonts library and any system fonts.

tiff image

Other sites that offer an extensive library for high quality, easy to download fonts are:

21. DaFont

22. 1001 Free Fonts

23. Font Squirrel

24. Font Space

25. Slidescarnival

Offers customable professional slide templates that can be used on your PowerPoint project.

26. Pictaculous

This tool helps you to avoid creating graphics with uncoordinated colors by giving you recommendations for colors to use in your project, including their respective HEX codes.

27. Colorzilla

ColorZilla allows you to pull-up the HEX code for a specific colour on a page, analyse DOM element colors, or see information such as tag name, class, id, and size. It’s available at a Google Chrome Extension or Firefox add-on.

Image Resizing/Compressing Tools

28. Smush.it

This tool allows you to compress your image without compromising their quality. It has a bulk optimization feature to smash all your WordPress media library images in a single run. It also allows you to backup your images, just in case you’re worried about reducing quality.

wp smush it image

Additional options for optimization and compression tools include:

27. Image Optimizer

28. Compress Now

29. EWWW Image Optimizer – WordPress plugin

Free Images

32. Compflight

This allows you to find professional images to use in your project. It has a suitable search engine that allows you to easily search for images based on tags or creative commons.

33. Flickr Advanced Search

Flickr is my go-to photo resource for finding photos to use in my blog posts or articles. It allows you to search for creative common photos through its archive of billions of photos.

Other stock photo resource include:

34. Pixabay

35. Death to the Stock Photo

Free Icons

36. Flaticon

This is a great resource to source for free icons to use in your project. Flaticon allows you to download multiple icons in zip format and in one click.

flaticon image

37.  IconFinder

Iconfinder has more than 100,000 free icons to use in your projects. It allows you to download your icon in various formats (png, svg, etc).

Other free icon resources include

  1. Freepik
  2. Icons8

Meme Creators / Quote Makers

40. Imgflip

This site provides tools for creating memes quickly, and requires no registration.

41. Recite

This site has many design themes that can make your quote look great. All you have to do is plug in your quote and choose a template.

42. Quotescover

This is great for transforming your quotes in social media friendly photos.

Other sites for creating shareable quotes include:

  1. Quozio
  2. Phonto
  3. Mypictr

This site allows you to resize your photo to fit the image dimensions for various social sites.


These are some of the best free online tools for creating amazing visuals but there are loads of other examples out there which you can find if you do some digging.


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