About Giovanni Olakunori

Some people choose to write their about us page as if an objective third party provided the information. That’s not the strategy I’d use on this page as I believe corporate-speak copy is usually “boring”.

So this is me, talking directly…to you.

I’m Giovanni O.C Olakunori, the founder of EpicDigits, and a few other online communities that collectively generate over 70,000 unique visitors per month.

I’m a certified Inbound Marketing junkie currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. To be more specific, I gained my certification from by Hubspot, Google and a few other top-notch institutions.

I’ve been in a relationship with inbound marketing for over 4 years, and my experience has been bittersweet.

You may ask, “Why bittersweet?”

Because I’ve failed during the process of trying different things that’s been recommended by every “inbound marketing gurus” out there.

I’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, the huge importance of adapting to change within the industry.

Launch.ed, and some other esteemed institutions have recognised me for my active role in providing solutions for people.

Offering immerse value has always been my motor to self-fulfilment.

Traffic and rankings are great, but if those visitors do not convert into profit, it does not matter. I concentrate on how much high-quality traffic I can drive to your business doing what I love.

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level: you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the deal:

If you’re not getting the traffic you want…

If you’re looking to setup a site that’ll convert more leads…

If you’re looking for more leads…

If you’re confused by the conflicting inbound marketing information out there…

If you’re on a budget and want the best service for less…

If you’re looking for someone who would go the extra mile to make sure he/she meets your business goals.

Then you’re in the right place.

I’m no guru, but I do know how to create, launch, and get those high-quality visitors coming to your site…quickly.

Contact me right away to see if you qualify for my services.

I’m eager to talk with you about business!

And if you wish to continue reading about me, feel free!

My life story

I grew up in an average family.

My parents were very religious.

Our house back then was quite posh. Many people claimed it was the nicest in the area we lived. However, it had one problem. It had no TV. It didn’t even a computer even though my parents could easily afford it.

So from the age of 11, I was fond of using pocket (snacks) money to pay for browsing time in Cyber Cafes. This was the main way I learned to use the computer and browse the internet.

In fact, my dad had over 5 computers in his office, but I was sad he never brought one home for his kids.

He wasn’t cruel, it’s just my parents back then believed having a TV would expose my siblings and I to the “sinful world” thereby possibly corrupting us (no thanks to the religious group they belonged to back then).

It was after my dad left this earth—in 2007 — that, we had a fair amount of gadgets at home. In fact, my younger brother had his first mobile phone at 5, and his first laptop—a solid one— at 13 and I didn’t have my first laptop till I was 18.

The struggle

After my dad left this earth, things became tough for my mum, as that meant she had all the responsibility of taking care of my siblings and I.  In 2009, my siblings and I stayed off from school for a term, because, she lost a lot of money from some bad investments, hence she could only afford to send my elder sister to school.

It was during this period I had my first real experience with scarcity.

Quest for knowledge

In 2008, my mum bought a new laptop, and paid for an internet service. She also bought a few books on internet marketing and forex trading.

Some of the books she bought fascinated me and I took them to read.

When she wasn’t using her laptop, I’d also take it to research on some of the things I read from the books.

I studied about online forex trading and at 14 I jumped into the world of trading.

I once used her trading account—with about £65 –to make an extra £300 within 10 minutes.

I was happy, I thought I could make more, and help my family get out of our financial rot.

However, I lost every profit I made (including her £65).

She cried in pain and that left me heart broken.

To make matters worse, two of us lost the money we had in liberty reserve when it got closed down.

I was convinced trading was not for me.

So I looked for other means to generate a source of income online that wouldn’t require me relying on how the financial market turns.

After delving into paid surveys, and paid per click sites, I got fed-up of making cents online. I came to understand this fact:

To make a decent living online, you have to be creating or providing something of value.


I launched my first site with the help of webs.com (utilising a drag and drop builder).

I told my friends in school about it.

I created a Facebook page for it and invited my friends to like the page.

I thought that was it….and the visitors would so flow.

But I was wrong.

Most of my friends visited once and never bothered to visit again.

I knew I needed to do something different, so I searched for knowledge.

I signed up for newsletters-upon-newsletters and soon my inbox began to be filled with all sorts of guru trying to sell something to me.


I made my first $5 on fiverr.com and so went on to make a few more fivers completing freelance tasks on the site.

I begged my mum for some money which I used to register a new site.

I planned to create an educational or career focussed site of immerse value.

This decision was a turning point for me because it opened the doors to learning a lot about inbound marketing.


I learnt a few programing languages.

The traffic on my second site grew from less than 100 unique visitors to over 200 unique visitors per month.

I applied for Google AdSense to monetise my site and was rejected many times, mainly because the quality of the site was deemed below standard.

I tried to use other means to make money from my site, but I was making peanuts.

I got my first guest post request on my site towards the ending of the year and this rekindled the feeling in me that the site was after all important.

This also prompted me to audit the site and remove unoriginal content.

I also went on to launch other blogs that are doing quite well today.

I stopped working on Fiverr—even though I was a rising seller—and decided to concentrate on growing my sites and blogs.


I worked on my writing and came to understand writing for the web was different from writing in real life!

Unique visitors on my second site grew to more than 6000 per month.

My second site got approved for AdSense.

I got to interact with influencers in various niches.

I started to see a huge increase in traffic on my sites and blogs and for once, the possibility of making a decent living online was clearer.

I broadened my knowledge on inbound marketing by taking free courses online.

I applied my knowledge to my new projects and I saw significant developments.


Traffic on my second site grew to over 20,000 unique visitors per month and I was filled with joy.

I also saw some impressive results with 2 of my blogs after applying a few SEO techniques I learned.

My AdSense earnings doubled and for once I started getting loads of guest post/advertisement requests.

I won a few awards for my active role in providing solutions or value for people.


I gained various professional certifications.

I started to make a decent living from my online contents or creation (well, not enough to .

My writing improved and bounce rates decreased on all my sites/blogs.

Unique visitors on my second site grew from about 20,000 a month to over 50,000.

I went on to develop other successful sites and blogs (mostly for various companies).

I developed a pro understanding of growth hacking and inbound marketing.

I became a rising star at the inbound.org community and developed a few solid connections.


I’ve learned a lot in my career, and I’m always hungry to adapt to the ever changing trends.

I’d love you to join me in my journey, as I offer immerse value to you.